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The strategic plan 2019

The implementation tool for the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland is the strategic plan. It covers eight strategic projects and four strategic services.

The strategic plan is the implementation tool for the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. It sets out the operational objectives pursued to meet the strategic objectives.

The operational objectives are derived from the strategic objectives. The planning committee defines these for four years, reviews them annually and adjusts them as needed. The operational objectives are formulated in measurable terms.

The operational objectives 2017–2019

  1. The uniform registration procedure for e-government services on portals at various federal levels will be possible by 2019.
  2. The ten most frequently requested electronic government services for the general public and businesses will be integrated in the national e-government portals by the end of 2019.
  3. The most important e-government standards will be identified on an ongoing basis and developed or updated.
  4. A joint organisation will be established by 2018 for the procurement, operation and maintenance of joint e-government solutions.
  5. An electronic identity (eID) that is valid nationally and internationally will be established by 2019.
  6. The areas of application for the electronic signature will be identified by 2017.
  7. The allocation of data to a specific person in the electronic exchange between information systems will be ensured by 2019.
  8. By 2019, it will be possible to seamlessly report changes of address (arrival and departure) electronically throughout Switzerland.
  9. The Confederation and the cantons will continually push ahead with extending electronic voting to more voters with the aim of seeing two thirds of the cantons use electronic voting by 2019.
  10. Seamless electronic reporting of VAT will be possible by 2019.
  11. A systematic transfer of legal knowledge between the public bodies will be established by the end of 2019.
  12. National address services will be created by 2019.

Strategic projects

Projects are deemed to be strategic particularly if they are of national significance and require a great deal of coordination. They aim to develop electronic government services or e-government infrastructures for which there is significant demand from the general public, businesses and the administration.

Strategic services

Services are deemed to be strategic if they correspond to tasks of a permanent nature that are of national importance. Strategic services contribute in particular to the sustainable propagation of electronic government services in the Confederation, cantons and communes.


Innovations are projects that use new technologies, for example, or promote regional cooperation. The planning committee determines which projects are supported within the framework of innovations.

Strategic plan 2019 E-Government Switzerland
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