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Access to electronic government services for the general public

Information on the administration's activity as well as on electronic government services at all levels of government should be easily accessible for the Swiss population, for Swiss citizens living abroad and for interested parties abroad without any knowledge of governmental responsibilities.


Access to electronic government services will be further developed and facilitated in an optimal manner for the stakeholder groups. This requires a shared understanding on the part of the Confederation, the cantons and the communes with regard to how access to electronic government services and on that basis eGovernment portals are to be designed.

Offering optimal access to electronic government services calls for portals that lead users to the government service in an intuitive, understandable, multilingual and barrier-free manner and that support them in dealings with the authorities. Queries on dealings with the authorities can be reduced by providing information at federal, cantonal and communal offices. Suitable interfaces will be incorporated in the access infrastructure so that solutions can be used several times and costs can be saved.

Basic mission

A reference portal ensures user-friendly access to electronic government services and up-to-date information for the general public in Switzerland and abroad. The Federal Chancellery operates the Swiss authorities portal for this purpose and further develops it on an ongoing basis within the limits of the resources available.

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure/deliverable Deadline
Contribution will be made by ch.ch to the concept «electronic access to Swiss authorities' services for the general public in Switzerland and abroad» by involving the relevant players.* implemented
The relevant eCH standards, best practices, sample solutions and aids for access to electronic government services will be prepared or revised. 31.12.2018
Product strategies will be developed for the Swiss authorities portal ch.ch and SECO's one-stop shop by the end of 2017 based on the access concept (ch.ch contribution).*


Uniform CI/CD will be introduced for national eGovernment portals.


The most frequently requested government services for the general public will be integrated in the ch.ch portal.


A specialised community will be developed which includes relevant players and acts as an exchange and decision-making platform.


Joint eGovernment communication projects will be implemented in the special-ised community.


Federal, cantonal and communal specialists will receive support for the early identification and analysis of trends.


*not until a later stage

Facts and figures

The Federal Chancellery has been operating ch.ch since 2005 on behalf of the Confederation and the cantons. This cooperation was based on a public law agreement. In 2012, ch.ch was completely revamped. The information offering, language, structure, design and quality assurance have been geared towards user needs since then.
ch.ch now makes it possible to quickly find understandable answers to questions for the authorities. The site has become established as a national authorities portal and serves more than eight million visitors every year.
Within the framework of the eGovernment Switzerland strategic plan, the Federal Chancellery will be developing a concept for optimal access to services in 2016. The ch.ch portal should also benefit from this and be further developed accordingly.

The Swiss public authority directory was introduced within the framework of the prioritised project B2.02 – Directory service of the Swiss authorities. It meets the requirements of the eCH business architecture and is operated on ch.ch.

Organisation responsible for service

Swiss Federal Chancellery, Communications Section

Contact person: André Do Canto

Contact: Andre.DoCanto(at)bk.admin.ch, +41 58 462 70 96