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Strengthening the public and businesses' trust in eGovernment services

The public's and businesses' trust in the state and politics is generally very high in Switzerland. The authorities' online services likewise enjoy a high degree of trust: around 66 % of the population and just under 75 % of companies trust the authorities' online services as regards privacy and data protection (source: 2019 National eGovernment Study).
The public debate about the role of the state in digitalisation has intensified in recent years. Reports on failed public sector IT projects or security weaknesses in major eGovernment projects like eVoting have prompted greater public scrutiny of the authorities' digitalisation effort.

Description of target state

In order to reinforce trust in digital administration, communication needs to be open and tailored to the intended audience, and convey knowledge in a targeted way. Information about the administration's digitalisation projects should be provided in a transparent manner, where necessary with specific background knowledge and clear explanations.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Measures End date

Implement supporting measures to promote confidence in eGovernment services
(e.g. media relations, microsite).

Build and maintain a network of experts in public services and science from all parts of the country. 31.12.2023

Organisation responsible for the project

eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office
Schwarztorstrasse 59, 3003 Bern
Contact person: Vanessa Eugster
Contact: vanessa.eugster(at)egovernment.ch