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Expanding EasyGov.swiss

The online helpdesk for companies www.EasyGov.swiss was launched in November 2017. The transaction portal, conceived as a one-stop shop, is the administration's online helpdesk for companies and can offer electronic public services at federal, cantonal and communal level. It simplifies the exchange between businesses and administrations, and reduces the administrative burden on companies and authorities. The online helpdesk is constantly being expanded.

Target state

Today, the ten most frequently requested electronic public services for businesses are available electronically and seamlessly via a national eGovernment portal. Access is simple and there is no need to know which governmental authority is responsible. The comprehensive transaction portal enables companies to seamlessly carry out all electronically available administrative procedures at all federal levels online at a virtual office.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Measures Deadline
Conduct an architectural review of the feasibility of integrating federal, cantonal and communal services in a study with the involvement of the relevant players. 31.12.2021
Ensure integration of cantonal government services for companies that are requested by several cantons on EasyGov. 31.12.2023

Current status

News easygov.swiss

EasyGov does not compete with any private-sector offerings; it restricts itself to government processes or other government offerings and does not provide a service desk. On the platform, companies can manage all the administrative procedures offered via a single account (single sign-on) with uniform user guidance. Private service providers such as fiduciaries or notaries can also use EasyGov to handle official business on behalf of a company. Regularly required company data such as the commercial register number or address data need to be entered only once or can be imported from registers (once-only principle). At present (January 2020), 27 services are available on EasyGov. The range of government services is to be greatly expanded during the 2020-2023 legislative period.


The online desk for companies

Organisation responsible

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

SME Policy Section

Contact Person: Pascal Graf

Contact: pascal.graf(at)seco.admin.ch, +41 58 469 18 01