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Establishing a signature validator throughout Switzerland

In order to increase the acceptance of electronically signed documents, recipients need a way of checking the authenticity and integrity of the document received. This is where signature validation comes in. Recipients of official documents signed electronically by the Confederation or cantons will be provided with a signature validator, which is to be established throughout Switzerland.

Description of target state

The existing possibilities for electronic signatures on official documents for the G2C, G2B and G2G processes will be supplemented by signature validation. In 2013, the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) established an internal document validator within the Confederation. The Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) took this over and turned it into a standard service for the Federal Administration. The FITSU first conducted a pilot project that made it possible to define the signature validation of official documents and examine selected documents from the Confederation and the canton of Zug.

Now, this pilot validator is to be replaced. The new validator will comply with current Swiss and European laws and standards, and allow the validation of official, electronically signed documents from the Federal Administration in accordance with the ESigA (decisions, documents, extract from the register of convictions, etc.). A web-based solution is available to the Federal Administration, the cantonal and communal authorities, as well as the general public and third parties.
The aim is to establish a validation service throughout Switzerland.

Measures supported in the implementation plan (status in 2020)

Measures End date
M1: Introduce signature validator. 26.02.2021
M2: Further develop signature validator. 31.12.2021
M3: Introduction in the cantons from Q1 of 2021. 31.12.2021

Implementation status of the validator for digital documents

At present, the recipients of official, electronically signed documents from the Federal Administration have the option of checking signatures using the signature validation standard service (validator.ch). This service is already in use. It should now be established throughout Switzerland.
The signature validator has been in operation in the pilot canton of Zug since the beginning of 2017. This enables the recipients of electronically submitted and electronically signed PDF documents from the canton of Zug to verify their authenticity and integrity.


Documentation on the current status of the validator is available online at:


Organisation responsible for project

Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU)
Schwarztorstrasse 59
CH-3003 Bern

Contact person: Peter von Dach
Telephone +41 58 46 67856, email: Peter.vonDach(at)isb.admin.ch