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Standardisation maintenance

The work which is required for standardisation in the context of implementing the strategic plan should be ensured within the scope of a strategic service. The burden can thereby be reduced for the implementing authorities. In addition, standardisation allows for multiple usage of e-government solutions.


In accordance with Article 4 of the framework agreement on eGovernment cooperation in Switzerland, the public authorities adhere to national or international standards when setting up electronic government services. The national standards are generally those of the eCH Association. As a rule, the public authorities declare these to be binding. This is particularly true in the case of procurements and solution developments.

Since it was founded in 2002, the eCH standardisation association has drawn up and approved more than 200 e-government standards. The work of eCH is supported by the Confederation, the cantons, the communes, companies and academia. The standards relevant for projects and services in the strategic plan for 2016 onwards are sustainably maintained and updated within the scope of a strategic service.

Basic mission

Maintenance, further development and publication of existing relevant eCH standards and the associated network. The need for updating is checked on a half-yearly basis. The standards are updated in a timely manner (in line with the need for updating).

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure/deliverable Deadline
Design of the updating service and identification of the relevant standards. 30.06.2016
Implementation of the eCH standards by requesting and procurement offices and suppliers.


Some facts on the eCH Association

  • Founded in 2002 as a private association.
  • eCH currently has around 250 members: administrative units of the Federal Administration, 26 cantons, 42 communes, 7 organisations from academia and teaching and 126 companies/organisations from the private sector.
  • eCH develops and maintains e-government standards and promotes their usage, in line with the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland.
  • The eCH standards are drawn up in roughly 20 specialist groups, primarily by specialists from the ranks of the members of the militia system.
  • Adopted eCH standards and the associated best practices have the status of recommendations. They are published and made available free of charge.

Organisation responsible for service

eCH Association

Contact: eCH Office, Mainaustrasse 30, P.O. Box, 8034 Zurich

info(at)ech.ch, +41 44 388 74 64