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Promoting standardisation

Within the framework of the implementation plan, standardisation is to be further promoted in order to reduce the burden on the implementing authorities. This is made possible by simplifying technical solutions and ensuring interoperability of data.


In accordance with Article 1.4 of the 2020 framework agreement on eGovernment cooperation in Switzerland, the public authorities adhere to national or international standards when setting up electronic services. In principle, the national standards which are applicable are those of the eCH Association. As a rule, the public authorities declare these to be binding. This applies particularly in the case of procurements and the development of solutions.

Since it was founded in 2002, the eCH standardisation association has drawn up and approved more than 200 eGovernment standards. eCH's work is supported by the Confederation, the cantons, the communes, companies and academia. The standards relevant to the implementation plan projects are maintained and updated on a long-term basis.

Basic mission

The activities of eCH aim to facilitate electronic cooperation between authorities, as well as between authorities and third parties. To this end, new standardisation topics are identified and prioritised, and standards are developed, adopted and maintained. Cooperation with the associated network is central to this. Standardisation forms a necessary basis for various eGovernment projects and affects almost all areas of action of the 2020-2023 eGovernment Strategy Switzerland, either directly or indirectly.

Measures supported in the implementation plan (status in 2020)

Measure End date
M1: Strategic performance: Ensure standardisation is maintained, i.e. guarantee the maintenance and anchoring of standards. 31.12.2023
M2: Provide administrative and organisational support to the eCH specialist groups. 31.12.2023
M3: Perform standardisation checks (potential analyses). 31.12.2023

Organisation responsible for service

eCH Association

Contact: eCH Programme Office, Mainaustrasse 30, P.O. Box, 8034 Zurich

info(at)ech.ch, +41 44 388 74 64