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Developing a concept for the traceability of the use of personal data

Every day, we leave digital traces behind us, whether when we make a phone call while on the move, or use a search engine to look up information, or go onto social media. But rarely do we know what personal data is being collected and for what purpose.
Administrations also collect and process personal data in their day-to-day activities. Nowadays, those affected usually do not automatically know which administrative units have access to this data and whether it is exchanged in order to comply with legal requirements. In the 2020-2023 eGovernment Strategy Switzerland, the «openness and transparency» principle stipulates that, wherever possible, personal data must be made available in a way that allows those affected to view their own data electronically and manage it where appropriate, as well as authorise or refuse its dissemination to third parties. The re-use of data must be proportionate and non-discriminatory. For such access management to even be possible, transparent data flows are required. In a first step, the public should be shown which personal data has been viewed or used by an authority.

Description of target state

The basis should be created for access tracking that records the use of personal data by administration staff or administrative units. A study should be set up to examine which standards, interfaces, bus systems or other components need to be put in place for this purpose. It should also be clarified whether full access tracking is practicable or whether partial implementation should be the goal.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Measures End date
Draw up specifications for the tender and conduct the procurement. 31.12.2020
Prepare a concept for a log system architecture that shows the public which personal data an authority has viewed or used. 31.12.2021

Organisation responsible for the project

eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office
Schwarztorstrasse 59, 3003 Bern
Contact person: Marcel Kessler
Contact: marcel.kessler(at)egovernment.ch, +41 58 46 05293