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Promoting awareness of the potential benefits of digital processes in public administration

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in day-to-day work and private life is changing both processes and the way we interact: society and the economy are constantly evolving thanks to the new possibilities ICT brings. Public administrations are part of this transformation. They are using the benefits brought by ICT to ensure the service-oriented, state-of-the-art performance of their tasks.
An awareness of digitalisation or the changes in administration under digitalisation is important so that eGovernment projects, which often entail changes in familiar procedures, are supported within the administration. An understanding of new technologies also helps to adapt new digital working methods.

Description of target state

The aim is to provide managers and employees in public administrations with knowledge on digitalisation and eGovernment through training courses tailored to specific target groups, thus strengthening confidence in digital public services.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Measure End date
Develop and promote courses on the digitalisation of administrative processes for all levels of government in all three official languages


Organisation responsible for the project

eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office
Schwarztorstrasse 59, 3003 Bern
Contact person: Marcel Kessler
Contact: marcel.kessler(at)egovernment.ch, +41 58 46 05293