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Improving user-friendliness of eGovernment services

In the coming years, public administrations should expand their range of eServices and make them more user-friendly and attractive. The authorities should be able to offer the general public and businesses digital services that are as audience-appropriate, standardised and resource-saving as possible.

Description of target state

In cooperation with the operators of digital public services, the foundations for user-friendly, effective, accessible, comprehensible and, where appropriate, uniform access to digital information are being developed. This includes multimedia content, accessibility content, manuals, best practices and standards, but also studies and pilot projects on new methods and technologies.

The currently very mixed, fragmented portal landscape is to merge into a recognisable information network.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Measures End date
M1: Guarantee the establishment, operation and further development of content services (e.g. accessibility, sign language, user experience, multimedia content).
Ensure maintenance, support and human resources.
M2: Conduct community projects and events.
Collect input from the working groups and promote further development.
M3: Create, maintain and analyse theoretical principles for the information network (standards, best practices, manuals). Create guidelines for the provision of eServices (interaction design) analogous to the UK's user-centred approach. 31.12.2023
M4: Evaluate new technologies, methods and solutions.
Run a "laboratory" for pilot projects with cantonal or communal authorities. Implement any technical developments with external support.
Integrate project ideas from the community.

Organisation responsible for the project

Federal Chancellery, FCh
Communications and Strategy Sector
Federal Palace West Wing, CH-3003 Bern

Contact person: André Do Canto
Contact: Andre.DoCanto@bk.admin.ch, Tel. +41 58 462 70 96