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The objective of the eMovingCH strategic project is to enable electronic relocation reporting and processing. The Confederation, cantons and communes have devised a solution that restructures the reporting process. It is to be introduced throughout Switzerland by the end of 2019.

eMovingCH film

The electronic reporting process is clearly illustrated in the film «eMovingCH – the online reporting process» (available in German, French and Italian).

Target state of the strategic project

Full electronic processing of the moving process is still not possible today for the general public. More action is needed for expanding eMoving throughout Switzerland, in particular in the following areas: support for the implementation of eMoving in cantons and communes within the scope of cantonal projects, setting up and assurance of the operation of the eMovingCH solution, and elimination of various legal obstacles.

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure / Deliverable Deadline
A guide for communes on the introduction of eMovingCH is being drawn up and disseminated. All technical prerequisites and standards have been confirmed with the pilot project established in 2015 and are being used in at least 20 cross-cantonal communes. implemented
Appropriate communication basis for promoting the use of eMovingCH by the population will be drawn up. implemented
Implementation of notification to third parties: development of a study on address forwarding.


 eMovingCH will be made accessible as a service for the general public via the ch.ch portal.


Coordination and project management for the ongoing further development and rollout of eMovingCH on behalf of the responsible body will be ensured.


Implementation status of the pilot project

eMovingCH is already in productive use in several cantons and their communes. Every day, more than a hundred residents use the eMovingCH portal to report their move electronically.

The map of Switzerland below shows that further cantons are planning to introduce eMoving in cooperation with the communes in 2019.

As per August 2019

eMoving Switzerland combined solution

The solution was developed by emineo for the canton of Zurich and subsequently made available to other cantons. Since January 2018, eMoving has been operated by the organisation eOperations Switzerland, which was set up in the context of a strategic eGovernment Switzerland project.

As a standard, the eMoving portal takes account of the 2.0 reference model and is implemented with the residents register solutions of the following providers:

  • Axians
  • Dialog
  • Hürlimann
  • NEST
  • Ruf
  • VRSG


Reference model eMovingCH
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Organisation responsible for project

eOperations Schweiz AG

Contact person: Manuela Kleeb

Contact: manuela.kleeb(at)eoperations.ch, +41 31 320 00 86