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Coordination in legal questions concerning e-government

By coordinating problem solving and simplifying knowledge transfer in the area of legal issues, the public authorities are supported when addressing and clarifying legal issues.


In accordance with Article 7 of the framework agreement (2016-2019) on e-government cooperation, the Confederation and the cantons ensure that the need for legislation is evaluated early on and new legal foundations to be created are included as partial projects in the project planning and execution process in a timely manner. Adequate resources support the early identification of existing legal obstacles and the need for new legislation when implementing e-government projects. Knowledge transfer between administrations and project managers will be made significantly easier and faster.

Basic mission

The eJusticeCH Association fulfils the task of a coordination office for legal issues within the eGovernment environment. The dissemination of important legal findings and results among the public bodies is ensured by means of appropriate electronic publication resources, this also in-cludes the findings of the intercantonal legal specialist group and the advisory service provided.

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure/deliverable Deadline
The exchange of information between the public bodies in the context of an intercantonal legal specialist group has been established. 31.12.2019
In the event of specific legal questions, public bodies or projects receive a summary initial consultation. 31.12.2019

Organisation responsible for service

Timur Acemoglu
eJusticeCH Association
3001 Bern
Tel. +41 58 462 47 23