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Technical coordination within public bodies

To gear the e-government activities of public bodies as far as possible to the national e-government strategy and its strategic plan, the Swiss Conference on Informatics (SIK/CSI) is providing corresponding technical coordination through its working groups.


In accordance with Article 5 of the framework agreement on e-government cooperation in Switzerland, the Swiss Conference on Informatics (SKI/CSI) will make bodies such as expert groups as platforms available for coordination in technical and specialist areas of information and communication technologies. The public bodies will take account of the SIK/CSI recommendations on technical cooperation.

Basic Mission

In periodic consultation with the eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office, the SIK/CSI plans, coordinates and measures the achievements of the operational objectives in the public bodies and implements steps to ensure this within the of what is possible via the working groups or in the specialised body. It draws up recommendations and sample solutions in the technical, security and procurement areas, and makes these available to public bodies.

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure / Deliverable Deadline
Relevant eCH standards for government services at all three levels are updated via eCH and further development is ensured. 31.12.2019
Specialised domains which will benefit significantly from the use of the cross-domain unambiguous personal identifier are identified. 31.12.2019

Organisation responsible

Swiss Conference on Informatics (SIK/CSI)

Contact person: Michael Bützer

Contact: michael.buetzer(at)sik.ch, +41 31 320 00 07