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Supporting public projects in the areas of information technology and eGovernment

To gear the eGovernment activities of public bodies as far as possible to the national eGovernment strategy and its implementation plan, the Swiss Conference on Informatics (SIK/CSI) is providing corresponding technical coordination through its working groups.

In accordance with Article 1.5 of the 2020 framework agreement on eGovernment cooperation in Switzerland, the Swiss Conference on Informatics (SKI/CSI) will make bodies such as expert groups available as platforms for coordinating technical and specialist areas of information and communication technologies. The public bodies will take account of the SIK/CSI recommendations on technical cooperation.

Description of target state

The SIK/CSI supports its working and project groups' projects. Projects are prioritised by the SIK/CSI's executive board depending on their contribution to the implementation of the strategic objectives of eGovernment Switzerland. The SIK/CSI makes drafted documents, e.g. recommendations and sample solutions, available to public bodies.

Measures supported in the implementation plan (status in 2020)

Organisation responsible

Measure End date
Support projects, in accordance with decisions of the SIK/CSI's executive board, that contribute to achieving the objectives of the eGovernment Strategy. 31.12.2023

Swiss Conference on Informatics (SIK/CSI)

Contact person: SIK/CSI secretariat, sekretariat(at)sik.ch