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Establishing a national address service

At present, there is no national service that enables Swiss authorities to search for the place of residence and address of residents across cantonal borders or to update existing address data. The Federal Statistical Office wishes to create the legal basis for such a service and to establish the national address service.

Description of target state

In the case of many administrative procedures, such as the collection of the military service exemption tax or the carrying out of recovery proceedings, the competent authority contacts the person concerned in writing. In many administrative proceedings, a person's place of residence is also decisive in determining which authority is responsible for a particular proceeding. At present, home addresses are only partially available to administrations. A complex address procurement procedure is required with other authorities.
A national address service for public administrations and other bodies entrusted with administrative tasks enables them to perform a nationwide search and comparison for addresses of individuals registered in Switzerland. The new service offers clear added value for any authority that needs this information to fulfil its statutory duties.
The aim is to make it easier for administrations and third parties to carry out their statutory duties and increase efficiency. Furthermore, the quality of address data already held in existing public sector systems is to be improved. This will enable individual specialist tasks to be performed more efficiently. In terms of written correspondence, cost savings can also be achieved by reducing the number of returned items.

Measures supported in the implementation plan

Mesures End date
Develop legal bases


Ensure design and procurement 30.09.2023
Perform system development 31.12.2023
Implement introduction and communication 31.12.2023

Organisation responsible for the project

Federal Department of Home Affairs, FDHA

Federal Statistical Office, FSO

Espace de l'Europe 10, CH-2010 Neuchâtel

Contact person: Marianne Fraefel

Contact: marianne.fraefel(at)bfs.admin.ch, +41 58 483 95 90