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Creation of national address services

At present, there is no national service that administrative units can use to validate, search for or match current home addresses. For this reason, the Federal Office of Justice is establishing a national address service.

Description of target

In the case of many administrative procedures, such as the collection of the compensatory military tax or health insurance premiums, or the carrying out of recovery proceedings, the responsible authority contacts the person concerned in writing. In order to do so, it requires a current home address.

At present, home addresses are only partially available to administrations. A complex address procurement procedure is required with other authorities. Administrative processes could be simplified and optimised with the establishment of national address services which the Confederation, cantons and communes could access.

In future, the national address services should be used by the public administrations of the Confederation, cantons and communes to access the home addresses of residents throughout Switzerland.

Measure/deliverable Termin
Consultation draft. 30.06.2019
Financing concept. 31.12.2018
Provision of a prototype.


Authorisation concept.


Operating concept.



Organisation responsible for the project

Federal Department of Justice and Police, FDJP

Federal Office of Justice, FOJ

Bundesrain 20, CH-3003 Bern

Contact person: Marianne Fraefel

Contact: marianne.fraefel(at)bj.admin.ch, +41 58 480 87 22