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Innovations 2017/2018

The planning committee has included the following projects in the 2017/2018 innovations:

Ki-Tax – Online application for supplementary childcare (city of Bern)

The open source application Ki-Tax has been in operation since March 2017. This comprises the administration of crèches. It is an online application for the administration of all of the information required, from parents' income to the assignment of vouchers. The usability and accessibility of the application are being improved within the framework of the innovation project. Moreover, the application is to be further developed in such a way that it can be made available to other communes as open source software.

Electronic processing and archiving of official documents based on blockchain (canton of Geneva)

A study and pilot project are to be carried out within the framework of the innovation project on how blockchain technology can be used for the electronic processing and archiving of official documents. The new processing method should allow the document administration burden to be reduced.

Further information regarding the project in the canton of Geneva (in French)

Termdat and linked data (Swiss Federal Archives)

Content from the Termdat database, which is used by the cantons and the Confederation, is to be made available as linked data within the framework of the innovation project. In the future, it will be possible for content from the database to be queried via application program interfaces (API).