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2016/2017 Innovations

The planning committee has integrated the following projects in the 2016/2017 innovations:

Data inventory modelling and introduction (Swiss Federal Archives)

The Swiss Federal Archives are jointly compiling guidelines for a data inventory with the cantonal and communal representatives involved in the OGD Switzerland project. The inventory will be introduced in the Federal Administration and as a pilot project in a canton.

Online portal for the results of elections and votes (canton of Zug)

The three cantons of Graubünden, Schwyz and Zug have together developed an online portal for publishing the results of elections and votes. This is to be further developed and disseminated within the framework of the innovation project.

Joint use of a portal infrastructure (cantons of Jura and Fribourg)

The canton of Jura is creating the prerequisites for various authorities to be able to use the same portal infrastructure. This should be available in several languages. Fribourg and St. Gallen will introduce the portal as the first pilot cantons.

Digital vehicle registration document (Bern University of Applied Sciences)

Together with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and the Association of Vehicle Licensing Offices, the Bern University of Applied Sciences is examining how to create a digital vehicle registration document which can be used both online and offline and is valid internationally.