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Innovations 2018/2019

The planning committee has included the following projects in the 2018/2019 innovations:

Chatbot for the public administration (city of St. Gallen)

The city of St. Gallen will use a prototype to test the potential and acceptance of a chatbot that enables chatting with a technical system. The city of St. Gallen would thereby like to offer residents and the tourism sector improved access to the administration's services and information. Especially in the case of automated requests, this could provide relief for the administration and entail improved services for citizens.

Blockchain electronic identity and signature (canton of Geneva)

Following on from the project to issue electronic authentic instruments using the blockchain for the commercial register, the canton of Geneva is implementing an innovation project that will make it possible to identify oneself and use qualified electronic signatures with the blockchain. This will make it possible to identify the parties involved in a smart legal contract and to sign it digitally with a cantonal place of jurisdiction.

Simple eSign (canton of Fribourg)

There is a major need for the secure exchange of digital documents and electronic signatures for the administration and citizens alike. In order to simplify the existing processes, which are mostly complex, the canton of Fribourg is developing Simple eSign, a user-friendly standard solution with interfaces to already recognised and applied solutions. This service will be integrated in the canton of Fribourg in a first step, and it will be made available to the Confederation, the cantons and the communes in a second step.

Development of an e-participation module for public bodies (commune of Moosseedorf)

Citizens can be integrated into social and political processes in a new way and dialogue can be promoted with technological participation opportunities. The commune of Moosseedorf is developing a corresponding participation module (app or web app) together with the communes of Sargans and Untereggen, the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC) and ch.ch. Among other things, the module can be used to obtain feedback on proposals before a proposal has been prepared or to enable citizens to enter projects themselves, for example to organise an open-air cinema. A progress report on the implementation of the module will be compiled and made available to interested communes.