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Subject leadership

eGovernment Switzerland also documents eGovernment developments outside of the strategic plan. Organisations that promote or propagate a project or area can request subject leadership from the programme office.

Subject leaders assume a key role in coordinating the implementation and propagation of an eGovernment service. Their efforts in the subject area have a national focus. They serve as points of contact and sources of knowledge.

The subject leader forum aims to facilitate dialogue between the various eGovernment stakeholders and provide an overview of eGovernment development in Switzerland. The following subject areas have already been established (listed in alphabetical order):


The Federal Social Insurance Office works closely with the eAHV/IV association to promote the digitalisation of first pillar business processes. As the representative of the interests of over 100 implementation agencies for AHV/IV (old age, survivors' and disability insurance), the eAHV/IV association pursues the objective of modernising the AHV and IV insurances, which means considerable administrative simplification for SMEs. This should be achieved both by developing interfaces and standards for the exchange of information with third parties and among implementation agencies, and through the coordination of various projects for AHV and IV.

Subject leader

Federal Social Insurance Office / eAHV/IV association


Further information to AHV/IV

Exchange of register data (people, companies, buildings, dwellings)

The activities in this area should further develop the automatic exchange of information between registers affected by the Register Harmonisation Act (RHA, SR 431.02), the Federal Act on the Business Identification Number (BINA, SR 431.03) and the Ordinance on the National Register of Buildings and Dwellings (SR 431.841), taking into consideration existing eCH standards.

Subject leader

Federal Statistical Office


Further information to the Exchange of register data

Electronic exchange of financial data

In the area of financial data (e.g. salaries), the Swissdec association standardises the exchange of data between companies and authorities or insurance companies. The association's main tasks are auditing and certifying (payroll) accounts and supervising and ensuring the electronic transfer of data.

Subject leader

Swissdec association


Thomas Bächler, thomas.baechler(at)swissdec.ch
Michael Markworth, michael.markworth(at)swissdec.ch
Further information to the Electronic exchange of financial data


The Federal Finance Administration has promoted the dissemination and use of electronic billing in Switzerland. 



Further information to E-billing


For coordination in the area of geoinformation of the Confederation, a coordinating body was set up in accordance with Article 55 of the Government and Administration Organisation Act of 21 March 1997. It is affiliated administratively to swisstopo and has its own office.

Subject leader

Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo)


Alain Buogo, Leiter Koordination, Geoinformation und Services KOGIS, alain.buogo(a)swisstopo.ch

To the website of Swisstopo
To the Geoportal of the the Confederation and the cantons.

Open government data

The Open Government Data unit at the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) coordinates the implementation of the 2019–2023 Open government data strategy in close cooperation with the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). This strategy aims to make open and freely usable public administration data easily available to the public. Open government data published in this way will be referenced transparently and continually on the national www.opendata.swiss portal.

Subject leader

Federal Statistical Office (FSO)


To the opendata.swiss portal
Further information on open government data

Process exchange

The eGov Switzerland association runs the process exchange platform ech-bpm.ch. This enables communes and cantons to exchange processes and thus optimise existing processes.

Subject leader

eGov Switzerland Association


Christoph Beer, christoph.beer(a)mundiconsulting.com, 031 326 76 76

Further information on the Process exchange