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eGovernment Strategy Switzerland

The Confederation, the cantons and the communes are pursuing the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland to jointly promote e-government in Switzerland.

The Confederation, the cantons and the communes are all pursuing a joint e-government strategy. By implementing the strategy, they are striving to implement the following mission statement:

«eGovernment is a matter of course: transparent, cost-effective and seamless electronic government services for the general public, businesses and the administration.»

In the eGovernment strategy, the Confederation, the cantons and the communes have adhered to four strategic aims:

  1. Service orientation: electronic government services are easy to use, transparent and secure.
  2. Usefulness and effectiveness: eGovernment creates added value for the general public, businesses and the authorities, and reduces the work of all those involved in processing official business.
  3. Innovation and promotion of the Swiss economy: eGovernment exploits innovations and thereby promotes Switzerland as a business location and as a place to live.
  4. Sustainability: multiple usage of solutions will be promoted. The Confederation and the cantons ensure the sustainability of e-government services by setting requirements in terms of organisation, financing and operation.

In 2007, the Federal Council adopted the first eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. Its implementation was pursued by the Confederation, the cantons and communes based on the terms of the public law framework agreement on eGoverment cooperation in Switzerland up to the end of 2015. On behalf of the steering committee, the Programme Office has further developed the 2007 strategy together with the various stakeholders involved. The current eGovernment strategy was signed by the Federal Council, the Conference of the Cantonal Governments and the boards of the Swiss Union of Cities and the Association of Swiss Communes at the end of 2015.

eGovernment Strategy Switzerland (in German)
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