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eGovernment Strategy Switzerland

In the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland, the Confederation, cantons and communes have defined their common objectives and key areas for action in digitalisation, with a view to actively steering the digital transformation of the administration.

Over ten years ago, the Confederation, cantons and communes started work on the digitalisation of government services. Since then, the electronic channel has existed in parallel as an alternative to the analogue channel. In order to achieve the transition to digital public services, the Confederation, cantons and communes will henceforth design the electronic channel to be so attractive that it becomes the first choice for the general public and businesses.
The new mission statement is therefore: «Digital First».

The aim is for the authorities to offer their information and services electronically by default, and wherever possible adapt them for use on mobile devices. They will improve access to their electronic service offering, ensure their accessibility and rely on end-to-end electronic processes, while safeguarding the right to informational self-determination.


Seven principles act as guidelines for projects under the future strategic implementation plan. They form the framework for implementing the activities to be undertaken in the four areas of action: interaction and participation, basic services and infrastructure, organisation and legal framework, and trust and knowledge.
  • Services and information tailored to the target audience
  • Automated and integrated processes
  • Common data management
  • Openness and transparency
  • Exchange and cooperation
  • Standardisation and interoperability
  • Promoting innovation and monitoring technology

Since 2008, the Confederation, cantons and communes have collaborated at institutional level to implement eGovernment in Switzerland; for this purpose, they follow a joint strategy. The responsibilities of eGovernment Switzerland are set out in the public-law framework agreement on eGovernment cooperation, the first version of which was signed by the Federal Council and the Conference of the Cantonal Governments of Switzerland (CCG) in 2007.

The current eGovernment strategy was signed by the Federal Council, the Conference of the Cantonal Governments and the boards of the Swiss Union of Cities and the Association of Swiss Communes at the end of 2019. It replaces the «eGovernment strategy Switzerland 2016».

2020–2023 eGovernment Strategy Switzerland
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