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LINDAS Linked Data Service

Swiss authorities can use the LINDAS Linked Data Service at www.lindas-data.ch to make their data available as “Linked Data”. The platform also gives developers access to the data. In parallel, the Federal Archives are conducting a Linked Data project designed to develop the LINDAS service further.

How does LINDAS work?

What is Linked Data?

Linked Data is a technology that allows data on a wide variety of topics and from a wide range of sources to be easily connected. It is part of the Semantic Web. The Semantic University offers tutorials on the main principles of Linked Data, RDF and SPARQL.

The LINDAS service

The LINDAS service at www.lindas-data.ch is a prototype. It was developed in 2015 by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and has been operated by the Federal Archives since the start of 2017. Further information can be found on the service’s website.

The “Linked Data Platform” project

In parallel, the Federal Archives are conducting a Linked Data project designed to develop the service further. Information on the project will be published here in due course.

Its vision is to create a service that can convert data into Linked Data simply and so make connecting them to other data much easier. The first application scenarios have already been tested and implemented using the prototype at www.lindas-data.ch. Some of them are described in more detail under “Documentation”, where you can also find more project fundamentals.

Application scenarios that have been implemented or are currently being clarified:

  • aLOD Archival Linked Open Data (Federal Archives and other institutions)
  • Animal disease outbreak investigation (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office)
  • Excerpt from The Swiss Book (National Library)
  • Official data / Federal Directory and list of prices and services (Canton of Graubünden, provider of government solutions)
  • Energy management of rail wagons (MeteoSwiss and SBB)
  • Corporate data subset for a one-stop shop for companies (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and Federal Office of Justice)
  • Stops and additional information (SBB)
  • Historical federal budgets (Federal Archives)
  • Historicised Official Commune Register (Federal Statistical Office)
  • Stapfer Enquête (Federal Archives)
  • Environmental data (Federal Office for the Environment)


Organisation responsible

Swiss Federal Archives
Archivstrasse 24
3003 Bern