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eCH BPM – The eGovernment Switzerland process platform

The process platform is designed to foster the exchange of expertise and experience, and promotes an understanding of business processes and business process management across administrations. eCH BPM provides basic knowledge as well as process descriptions from various Swiss authorities for unrestricted use.

Process optimisation thanks to exchanges between specialists

The process platform supports the public administration with the optimisation and modernisation of business processes, which is a key concern with eGovernment Switzerland. The process platform was developed within the framework of the prioritised eGovernment project (B1.13) under the leadership of the eCH Association of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis. The eGovernment Switzerland Association is the responsible body. The process platform (www.ech-bpm.ch) has been online since July 2015.

  • The process library made available on the process platform assists the communes, cantons and administrative units of the Confederation with the establishment of process management. Moreover, the application and use of eCH standards (see www.ech.ch) is simplified.

  • The process platform positions itself as a communication platform for the public administration's BPM community: its motto is publishing processes, exchanging views and discussing matters.

Implementation status

The process platform already has several hundred registered users from the public administration and the private sector. Approximately 150 processes are published, including a comprehensive package on construction from the city of Lucerne. Open workshops of the eCH BPM community address topics, practices and questions related to process management.

Further information

eCH: framework concept «Networked Administration Switzerland»
eCH: process management organisation manual (optimised for communes)
eCH: graphical display of business processes (introduction to BPMN)
eCH: modelling conventions for BPMN

Organisations responsible

eGovernment Switzerland Association (responsible body), eCH Association (editing)

Contact: info(at)eGov-Schweiz.ch, trägerschaft(at)ech-bpm.ch, redaktion(at)ech-bpm.ch