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eGovernment Architecture Switzerland

E-government architecture creates the conditions to enable the Confederation, cantons and communes to independently produce modules which together result in an e-government offering that works well, is easily accessible for clients and can be efficiently utilised. Within the administration, services can be provided efficiently without media disruptions.

Description of target state

Current e-government projects increasingly pursue cross-organisational approaches. Cross-process cooperation and the use of various ICT modules are an integral part of Networked Administration Switzerland. Authorities do not operate isolated from each other, but very often collaborate. The authorities' services often require the integration of numerous, cross-organisational services. While federalism promotes diversity here, this may also be an obstacle for preventing duplication.

E-government projects are implemented in a variety of areas of activity, which should be coordinated for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency. Interoperability and jointly accepted standards play a decisive role in maintaining local autonomy. E-government architecture creates the conditions for the realisation of a networked e-government landscape, characterised by uniform concepts and jointly borne standard services.


Guide to eGovernment Architecture Switzerland

The guide describes e-government architecture management in terms of the design and operation of e-government architecture. The features, activities and success factors presented in it should provide a swift introduction to the administration.

Modularly structured solutions are part of the vision of a «building-block e-government»: a small number of standardised components, standardised interfaces, shared data usage, a joint technical platform and services which can be assembled in any number of ways. A modular system maximises usage and minimises costs. The prerequisites for creating a modular system is a master plan in the form of e-government architecture and a process for the master plan, i.e. a management process which guides the design and «operation» of the architecture: e-government architecture management.

Guide to eGovernment Architecture Switzerland (in German or French)
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The work of the project is accompanied by the eCH group «Swiss eGovernment Architecture Community (SEAC)». The following documents have already been drawn up and approved or are being drafted:

eCH group Swiss eGovernment Architecture Community (SEAC) (in German or French)
eCH-0122: eGovernment Architecture Switzerland: Foundations (in German or French)
eCH-0123: eGovernment Architecture Switzerland: Distribution (in German or French)
eCH-0124: eGovernment Architecture Switzerland: Production (in German or French)
eCH-0125: eGovernment Architecture Switzerland: Communications (in German or French)

Organisation responsible

eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office

Contact: info(at)egovernment.ch, +41 58 464 79 21