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Cloud Computing Strategy Switzerland

With the implementation of the Cloud Computing Strategy Switzerland, the initial steps will be taken to exploit the potential of cloud computing for Swiss authorities, minimise the risks of using this technology and eliminate the obstacles present in some areas. In this way, IT solutions can be implemented quickly and economically.

Description of target state

The Cloud Computing Strategy was drawn up by the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) together with experts from the Confederation, the cantons, the communes, enterprises affiliated with the Confederation and the private sector, and was adopted by the eGovernment Steering Committee on 25 October 2012. The additional set of measures defines the implementation stages for meeting the strategic objectives. The strategy serves to promote both the responsible use of cloud services and the offering of cloud solutions for authorities at all government levels.

Implementation status

The eCH Cloud Computing Group has been working further on the cloud computing area since the end of 2014.

Further information

Documentation in German

Organisation responsible

eCH Cloud Computing Group

Contact person: Claudio Giovanoli

Contact: claudio.giovanoli(at)fhnw.ch