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The partners and responsible bodies

The partners and responsible bodies of the eGovernment Switzerland organisation appoint the members of the steering bodies, and steering and planning committees.

eGovernment Switzerland responsible bodies

The parties to the framework agreement are the Federal Council and the Conference of the Cantonal Governments of Switzerland (CCG). The Confederation and the cantons finance the eGovernment Switzerland organisation equally and participate as equal partners.

eGovernment Switzerland partners

The communes also support the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. The Swiss Union of Cities (SVC) and the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC) are partners of the organisation. Given that the communes do not contribute financially to eGovernment Switzerland (strategic plan and programme office), they are called partners instead of responsible bodies.

Roles and tasks

All responsible bodies and partners appoint three representatives each to both the steering committee and the planning committee of eGovernment Switzerland. These appointments are made by the responsible bodies and the partners. Article 2.1 (steering committee) and Article 2.2 (planning committee) set the procedures for these appointments.

In addition, Article 2.2.2 makes provision for the appointment of two permanent deputies for the appointed representatives, which must be notified in writing to the programme office.