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Subject leaders

eGovernment Switzerland also documents eGovernment developments outside of the strategic plan. Organisations that promote or propagate a project or area can request subject leadership from the programme office.

Any administrative office, association or other institution that promotes an eGovernment subject area or project and its implementation nationally can assume subject leadership for eGovernment Switzerland. In exceptional circumstances, profit-oriented institutions can assume subject leadership.

Subject leaders assume a key role in coordinating the implementation and propagation of an eGovernment service and are committed to providing stakeholders and eGovernment Switzerland with certain eGovernment-related services. Their efforts in this area have an explicitly national focus. They serve as nationwide contact persons and sources of knowledge for their subject area. The aim of the subject leader forum is to facilitate dialogue between the various eGovernment stakeholders and provide an overview of eGovernment development in Switzerland.

Subject leaders receive a logo that shows their membership of eGovernment Switzerland.