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Subject leaders

eGovernment Switzerland also documents eGovernment developments outside of the strategic plan. Organisations that promote or propagate a project or area can request subject leadership from the programme office.

The Confederation, cantons and communes pursue an implementation plan for implementing the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. In this way, they centre their combined efforts on a few services. However, organisations that implement projects and plans outside of the implementation plan are also involved in the national development of electronic government services. Organisations that promote an eGovernment subject area nationwide have the possibility of taking on the label of "Swiss eGovernment subject leader". This gives a subject area greater visibility nationally and internationally.

Any administrative office, association or other institution that promotes an eGovernment subject area or project and its implementation nationally can assume subject leadership for eGovernment Switzerland. In exceptional circumstances, profit-oriented institutions can assume subject leadership.

Subject leaders assume a key role in coordinating the implementation and propagation of an eGovernment service and are committed to providing stakeholders and eGovernment Switzerland with certain eGovernment-related services. Their efforts in this area have an explicitly national focus. They serve as nationwide contact persons and sources of knowledge for their subject area.

Role of subject leaders

Organisations that assume subject leadership essentially agree to assume the following role:

  • The implementation and propagation of projects and solutions in the subject area are actively promoted throughout Switzerland.
  • The subject leader serves as the main contact for its subject area. It is the first point of contact for questions and further information on the subject area.
  • The subject leader makes project outcomes, such as studies or possible solutions that are being drawn up within the subject area, available for reuse.
  • The subject leader provides eGovernment Switzerland with the required information for creating a system of monitoring.

Who can apply for eGovernment Switzerland subject leadership?

  • First and foremost, public administrations and non-commercial organisations can apply for subject leadership.
  • If a private body applies, the eGovernment Switzerland planning committee decides on a case-by-case basis if the subject leadership can be undertaken.