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eCH Association

The eCH Association was founded in 2002 and promotes, develops and adopts standards in the area of eGovernment. To date, more than 200 eGovernment standards have been developed and adopted. The Confederation, the cantons, the communes, companies and academia support the association's work.

The eCH Association is a public-private platform to promote eGovernment in Switzerland. Its objective is to facilitate cooperation in electronic interactions with the authorities. Its expert groups draw up national eGovernment standards. In addition, the association promotes the implementation of international eGovernment standards. eCH thereby lays the foundations for a uniform operating philosophy, secure processing of transactions and smooth processes between those involved.
The eCH Association is based on cooperation between public and private partners. It is composed of around 270 members, including companies, individuals and organisations from the public sector and academia. Currently, 21 expert groups are working on the preparation and maintenance of eCH standards for various application areas. The members of the eCH working groups draw up standards on a non-profit basis and benefit from intensive technical exchanges with representatives from other organisations. The approved standards and best practices are publicly accessible and free of charge.
The eCH Association has been in charge of various prioritised projects in the eGovernment Switzerland programme since 2008. In the 2020–2023 implementation plan, eCH is responsible for the "Promote standardisation" implementation objective. Within the scope of this mandate, eCH manages the maintenance and updating of the standards relevant for projects in the implementation plan.