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Swiss Federal Chancellery

The Federal Chancellery (FCh) is the administrative office for the Federal Council and provides the interface between the government, the administration, the Parliament and the public. It coordinates the flow of information to the media and the public regarding the decisions and policy stances of the Swiss government. The Chancellery ensures that citizens can exercise their political rights and guarantees that federal elections and votes are carried out correctly.
Since 2008, the Chancellery has been in charge of various services and projects under the eGovernment Switzerland project. In the 2020–2023 implementation plan, it assumes responsibility for three implementation objectives:
  • Reorienting eVoting and ensuring stable trial operation
  • Cross-authority eInformation and operation of the new ch.ch website
  • Improving user-friendliness of eGovernment services
The Federal Chancellery is responsible for the eVoting project at federal level. However, the actual project owners are the cantons; they are in charge of organising and carrying out votes, including federal elections. Since 2004 the cantons have been conducting trials with eVoting on the basis of the federal legislation on federal elections. However, at the moment no eVoting trials are possible, and the Chancellery is working with the cantons on a reorientation of the project. The aim is to establish a stable trial operation using the latest generation of systems.
The Federal Chancellery contributes to ensuring improved, country-wide access to digital information. The currently heterogeneous and fragmented landscape of administration portals is to merge into a recognisable information network. The Chancellery is collaborating with the communes, cantons and federal offices to lay the groundwork. In addition to its coordination and information tasks, it operates the Swiss ch.ch portal.