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eJustice.CH Association

The eJustice.CH Association aims to promote the use of information technology, in order to increase performance and citizen proximity in the administration of justice by the Confederation, the cantons and the communes.

Members of the association include authorities which publish legal texts and judicial authorities from the Confederation and the cantons, associations which are involved in these areas, legal practitioners and leading service providers, as well as academic institutions and interested private individuals. The Director of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) chairs the association's board.

eJustice.CH was in charge of the prioritised project "Knowledge management for eGovernment law" in the 20082015 eGovernment Switzerland programme, and assumed responsibility for the strategic service "coordination of legal issues concerning eGovernment" in the 20172019 strategic plan.

In the 20202023 implementation plan, the association is responsible for the implementation objective "Offer advice and coordination in legal matters".