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eGovernment Switzerland

eGovernment Switzerland is the organisation of the Confederation, the cantons and the communes for the expansion of electronic government services. It steers, plans and coordinates joint eGovernment activities at the three government levels.

The eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office is the staff office of the steering and planning committees. It also supports those responsible for services within the framework of the implementation plan.
Furthermore, the eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office is responsible for the following implementation objectives in the 2020-2023 implementation plan:
  • «Promote eParticipation projects at communal and cantonal levels»
  • «Support innovative projects»
  • «Develop a concept for the traceability of the use of personal data»
  • «Strengthen the public and businesses's trust in eGovernment services»
  • «Promote knowledge of the potential benefits of digital processes in public administration»
The Programme Office is managed administratively by the Federal IT Steering Unit.