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Planning Committee

The planning committee is responsible for the operational management of the eGovernment Switzerland organisation. It is comprised of e-government experts from all levels of government.

The planning committee manages eGovernment Switzerland from an operational viewpoint. It plans and coordinates the implementation of the eGovernment Strategy and is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan. The committee is comprised of three e-government experts each from the Federal Administration and the cantonal and commune administrations. The Federal Council, the Conference of the Cantonal Governments of Switzerland, the Swiss Union of Cities and the Association of Swiss Communes also appoint two permanent deputies for their appointed committee members. The tasks and responsibilities of the planning committee are defined in Articles 13 to 16 of the framework agreement.

Members of the planning committee

  • Peppino Giarritta, Head of eGovernment Administrative Unit, canton of Zurich (chairman)
  • Stéphane Schwab, Head of eGovernment Secretariat, canton of Fribourg (vice-chairman)
  • Daniel Gruber, Vice Director, Federal Office of Justice
  • Bertrand Loison, Vice Director, Federal Statistical Office
  • Dieter Tschan, Federal eGovernment Coordinator, Federal IT Steering Unit
  • Silvano Petrini, Head of IT Services, canton of Ticino
  • Roland Brechbühl, eGovernment Programme Manager, Bern city
  • Peter Scholl, Director, Communal Administration of Moosseedorf
  • Ivo Toman, eGovernment Managing Director, St. Gallen (canton and communes)
Members of the planning committee: P. Giarritta, St. Schwab, S. Petrini, D. Gruber, B. Loison, D. Tschan, R. Brechbühl, I. Toman, P. Scholl

Permanent deputy

  • Sabine Brenner, Information Society Coordinator, Federal Office of Communications, permanent deputy
  • Stefan Schneider, eGovernment Adviser (Federal Chancellery), permanent deputy
  • Philippe Hatt, IT Delegate, canton of Valais
  • Hansjörg Hänggi, Head of Cantonal eGovernment Unit, Basel Stadt
  • Alex Bukowiecki, Swiss Union of Cities, permanent deputy
  • Michael Keller, Head of eGovernment, Zurich city, permanent deputy
Permanent deputy of the planning committee: S. Brenner, S. Schneider, Ph. Hatt, H. Hänggi, A. Bukowiecki, M. Keller