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Programme Office

The Programme Office coordinates the implementation of the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland on behalf of the steering and planning committees.

The eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office is the staff office of the steering and planning committees. It supports those responsible for projects and services, and coordinates the implementation of strategic projects and services. It is responsible for communication and monitoring the eGovernment Switzerland organisation. The General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance manages the Programme Office from an administrative viewpoint. It is financed equally by the Confederation and the cantons. The tasks and responsibilities of the Programme Office are defined in Article 2.3.1 of the framework agreement 2020.

Staff members

  • Cédric Roy, Head of Programme Office
  • Vanessa Eugster, Communication Officer
  • Corinne Wirth, Communications Specialist
  • Irem Kaynarca, Project leader monitoring
  • Marcel Kessler, Project leader Implementation plan