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A brief guide to eGovernment Switzerland

eGovernment Switzerland is the organisation of the Confederation, the cantons and the communes for the expansion of electronic government services. It steers, plans and coordinates the joint e-government activities at the three government levels.

eGovernment Strategy Switzerland

The Confederation, the cantons and the communes pursue a joint e-government strategy. By implementing the strategy, their aim is to achieve the following mission:
«eGovernment is a matter of course: transparent, cost-effective and seamless electronic government services for the general public, businesses and the administration.»
The 2007 eGovernment Strategy was revised and the new strategy was adopted by the Confederation, the cantons and the communes at the end of 2015.

Framework agreement under public law on e-government cooperation in Switzerland (2016 – 2019)

The arrangements for e-government cooperation are described in a framework agreement under public law. In particular, the agreement defines the organisation and budget for the implementation of the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. The first framework agreement on e-government cooperation came into force in 2008. A slightly amended version of this was pursued further from 2012. The Federal Council and the Conference of the Cantonal Governments of Switzerland adopted a revised version of the framework agreement for the 2016 – 2019 legislative period.

eGovernment Switzerland strategic plan

The eGovernment Strategy Switzerland sets the focus of the joint activities of the Confederation, the cantons and the communes in a strategic plan. This plan carries out strategic projects and services that help to implement the objectives of the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland.

eGovernment Switzerland organisation

A steering committee comprised of political representatives of all government levels is responsible for strategy implementation. It is in charge of strategic management. A planning committee, comprised of e-government experts from the Confederation, the cantons and the communes, plans and controls strategy implementation. A programme office is in charge of coordination and communication. The project and service managers implement the strategic projects and services defined in the strategic plan. The subject leaders' forum enables the programme office to follow the evolution of e-government beyond the strategic plan.