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National eGovernment Study 2019

E-government in Switzerland from the perspectives of the general public, businesses, and public administration.


Great confidence in e-government services

Approximately 66 % of the general public and just under 75 % of businesses have a high level of trust in online government services regarding personal privacy and data protection.

E-voting desired by the general public

47 % of the survey respondents state that they would participate in votes and elections more often if they could vote online. Nearly 70 % of the respondents are of the opinion that e-voting should be available to all voters. Only 8 % think that e-voting should be prohibited.

E-government services should be expanded

The current demand for online services on the part of the general public and businesses is being met only partially. A look at different services reveals that user demand is high, but far from all communes and cantons offer these services online.

The short report of the study is available here

National eGovernment Study 2019 : short report
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