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Identity Network Switzerland

In order to simplify electronic dealings with the authorities and make them more user-friendly, an identity network is to be established which ensures a uniform registration procedure on the various authorities' portals.

Target state of the strategic project

There are procedures based on international standards which permit organisations to allow users who have logged on to a different organisation to access their own systems without compromising security. The Identity Network Switzerland connects up different IT systems in such a way that users with the same registration procedure can access various IT systems. The IT systems for their part are free from the burden of their own user and access administration. The goal of Identity Network Switzerland is to establish the technical and organisational measures required for this.

In a first step, the conditions should be created to enable the Confederation, the cantons and the communes to set up overarching identification and access management (IAM) services.

Measures supported in the strategic plan

Measure / Deliverable Deadline
The relevant eCH IAM standards will be identified, verified and revised. 31.12.2019
The establishment of a maintenance and support organisation is to be contractually ensured. 31.12.2018
Identity providers, attribute authorities and service providers will be identified and integrated in the identity network. 31.12.2019
Identification of bodies interested in a responsible body. 31.12.2018
Support to develop a responsible body. 31.12.2019

Further information

Project website Identity Network Switzerland (in German and French)

Organisation responsible

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

Contact Person: Martin Godel

Contact: martin.godel(at)seco.admin.ch