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Nationwide property searches

Due to the amendment of the Civil Code (CC) of 15 December 2017, the cantons are obliged to systematically use the AHV insurance number to identify persons in the real estate register. Nationwide property searches are made possible. This will require an adaptation of the real estate register software. Various measures to support the cantons in adapting their real estate register software are intended to facilitate their swift technical implementation.

Description of target state

Article 949b of the Civil Code, adopted by Parliament, obliges real estate registries to systematically use the AHV insurance number to identify persons. On this basis, Article 949c of the Civil Code provides for a nationwide search by authorised authorities for properties in which a person identified on the basis of the AHV number is entitled to rights. This change requires adjustments to the cantonal real estate register software.

The measures in the strategic plan provide the cantons with coordinative and financial support. The efficient implementation of the technically necessary adaptations of the real estate register software is being emphatically promoted. This will ensure that the conditions throughout Switzerland will be met as quickly as possible by the end of 2019. The existing processes, namely the internal data exchange between authorities and the (business) processes between authorities and private individuals, are not affected by the adaptations and therefore remain unchanged. The statutory mandate under the new provisions of the Civil Code will be implemented at as little cost as possible and in compliance with the relevant special provisions in dealing with the AHV insurance numbers.

The use of the AHV insurance numbers will increase the quality and timeliness of personal data in the real estate register. The nationwide property search is intended to provide authorised authorities with an efficient and secure working tool through simple electronic queries.

Measures supported in the strategic plan 2016–2019

Massnahmen / Lieferobjekte Termin
Support for the adaptation in the real estate register software concerned 31.12.2019
Definition of adaptations.



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Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP)

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