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eOperations Switzerland

The operational management of IT cooperation in the area of e-government requires a joint organisation supported by the Confederation and cantons that acts as an organisational body and competent service provider of the administration across all federal levels.

Target state of the strategic project

In accordance with Article 9 of the framework agreement, the Confederation and the cantons will lay the foundations for the organisation, financing and operation of interdepartmental services, basic infrastructures and other service offerings.


The strategic project eOperations lays the foundation for a joint organisation supported by the Confederation, the cantons and the communes which acts as an organisational body and competent service provider at all federal levels for implementing IT cooperation in the administration.

Sustainability will be promoted with the creation of an organisation that competently assumes operational and organisational tasks. It should thus be possible for cooperation to be established and organised more quickly. Unnecessary additional expenditure caused by parallel developments can be avoided so that e-governments will develop more quickly on the whole and in a more uniform manner. This will be achieved if technical expertise for processing IT projects that cover various authorities can be bundled and are easily accessible, and if financing mechanisms that create a sound basis for the further development of joint solutions are used.

Measures supported in the strategic plan 2016–2019

Measure / Deliverable Deadline
Recruitment of project management and establishment of the infrastructure. implemented
Commencement and evaluation of pilot operation with two services. implemented
Support to develop the responsible body, communication and business development: drawing up the foundation agreement and principles for formal establishment. The foundation agreement will be signed. implemented


Final report eOperations Switzerland (German)
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Further information

eOperations Switzerland (in German)

Organisation responsible

Swiss Conference on Informatics SIK/CSI

Contact person: Daniel Arber

Contact: daniel.arber(at)eoperations.ch, +41 31 320 00 83